Scott at Vector Security in Birmingham, AL is very mean, condescending, and very pushy! Calls constantly.

I avoided his calls for a week due to being on vacation and when I finally spoke with him and told him I'm not interested at this time he tells me I don't have to worry about avoiding his calls anymore. I the asked him to take me off his call list and he throws a tantrum about this is how he provides for his family, and that I should have called him back and answered his calls. He is completely out of touch with reality and does not realize that a potential customer doesn't owe him anything. After going off on me for a full minute he the rudely apologized and said he has had a death in the family and he has to provide for his family....

So no real apology... Very unprofessional!! Also, Scott, I've never had any trouble with ADT's service.

They've been great and easily understandable when I've spoken with them. You completely lie to customers about that.

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